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Headlight Restoration Houston

Headlight Restoration Specialists
In Houston

Make Your Car Look New And Get Better Visibility

The Ultimate Quick And Easy Headlight Restoration

Our Headlight Restoration process is a simple way to get rid of that yellow/hazy-looking headlights.


Most people think the haziness is within the headlight. However, that is not the case. What happens is that the harsh Houston weather and various containments damage the clear coat on the headlights. Resulting in a yellowing or hazy effect on the headlight.

Our professional process is not your auto-store bought kit. We get jaw-dropping results through wet sanding, compounding, polishing, and finishing with a ceramic coating for long-lasting protection.

Our Process:


5-Step sanding using sand paper ranging from 800-3000 grits


Bring out the clarity with a polish


Remove sanding marks with a compound


Apply a 1-year ceramic coating for a long lasting layer of protection

This process removes the damaged layer of clear coat to get rid of that foggy look. The we'll compound and polish to restore clarity and have them looking new again. Finally we add a ceramic coating for protection.

Simple Pricing

Price may vary based on size and condition of headlights

$100 - $140

Premium Wash FAQs

Do you come to me?

Yes, we're a fully mobile unit that allows us to perform our detailing service wherever you're at. We service the Greater Houston along with sorrounding areas such as Cypress, Tomball, Katy, Sugarland, and many more.

Can you restore any headlight?

Some headlights may have permanent damage that we are not able to fully restore. However, we are able to tackle most situations and worse case scenario your headlights will look 10 times better when done.

What makes my headlights yellow and foggy?

Headlights are made of plastic and have a layer of clear coat on them just like you cars paint. As the harsh Houston beats down on them the clear coat starts to deteriorate, turning the clear coat to that ugly yellow color.

How do I prevent my headlights from becoming foggy?

Best process for this is to add a wax or sealant to your vehicle every month to two months while parking your car under the shade most of the time. This will add a layer of protection while minimizing the amount of time your headlights come in contact with the harmful UV rays.

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